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Basement Waterproofing And Sump Pump InstallationIn modern times and especially in these unpredictable weather climates, a sump pump has become just as an accepted part of a basement as fitness equipment that is hardly ever used. While there are definite waterproofing practices in place on the exterior of the home such as gutter cleaning, soil grading away from the home, and the installation of protective membranes around the foundation; the truth is a sump pump is the best option for interior protection for when those methods just do not work.

If your home has not experienced water in the basement, it is likely only a matter of time until it does. In fact, an estimated 90 percent or more of basements will experience a certain degree of water penetration, flooding, or some sort of leak. About that same percentage, if not more, of water exposure comes from outside the house, leaking through basement walls because it is not being dispersed far away from the foundation.

It should be noted that sump pumps are usually not installed just as a random layer of protection. They are put in because the homeowner knows of definite issues with their property that is causing the water to creep into the home. In many cases, a sump pump is a form of backup because of known structural damage to the foundation, slab, or surrounding soil that has not been addressed because of budget, access, or feasibility.

Then again, a sump pump installation is a responsible homeowner choice for those ‘just in case’ moments that could include biblical storms or problems with the gutters or soil while the occupants are away. When water reaches critical levels, the pump kicks in, begins to move the water outside, and thus prevents flooding. This is not a bad backup to have when compared to the alternative.

Some of the benefits of a sump pump installation whether you feel you ‘need it’ or not include:

• Installation increases value of the home
• Reducing water exposure helps maintain the structural integrity of the foundation walls
• Removes standing water that would cause dampness, humidity, and mold growth
• Provides a more comfortable basement
• Helps control dimensional stability of any wood in the basement, helping to prevent termites
• Hinders rust, corrosion, and oxidation of metal fixtures in a basement
• Prevents flooding

It is best to go with a qualified sump pump installer to make sure the unit is put in right and is in top working condition. This is why so many people in the Greater Toronto Area work with the qualified professionals of Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

Additionally, a sump pump should be employed in association with other basement waterproofing methods such as protective coating on the walls, the installation of a vapor barrier, and making sure gutters and grade are intuitive to preventing water in the home.

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