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 Drain DamageOne of the more common sources of potentially serious health issues and costly property damage in the Greater Toronto Area is a cracked sewer pipe or a broken drain. Plumbing has to be done right, and you need professional sewer pipe experts who can help you every step of the way.

  • Cast iron pipes may suffer pipe corrosion, this leads to broken, rusty sewer pipes over time
  • Clay pipes might be brittle and as the soil moves, these pipes can crack in a number of different spots if they do not have adequate support after installation.
  • ABS or PVC plastic pipe can crack if there is too much water pressure

Why do sewer pipes burst and crack?

There are several reasons that you may experience sewer pipe problems and broken drains, these are a few of the most common ones:

  • Someone dug in the wrong place (leading to damage)
  • There is a bad sewer pipe layout, faulty installation, or poor design
  • Your pipes are aging
  • Your pipes are frozen, lead to the sewer pipe bursting, cracking open, or blocking from within
  • Tree root intrusion. These roots are able to infiltrate your sewer pipes, but once inside they may actually crack your pipes
  • Lack of maintenance. There is a reason that maintenance is so important, because not doing so puts added pressure on the pipes. The buildup of sanitary products, food particles, grease, or hair can become problematic.

Possible solutions if you have a problem with your sewer line

By using specialized video camera equipment, it is easy to find and assess the damage done to your sewer pipe or drain. Even though everyone has a unique problem, some of the most common solutions we have seen include:

  • Preventative maintenance – We mentioned it before, regular drain cleaning and inspections can help prevent any household debris, hair, and grease from bursting, cracking, or clogging your pipes. Preventative maintenance is always much easier than having to do repairs.
  • Bursting – It is possible to pull a new sewer pipe through the remains of the old one, depending on the situation of course. This is going to break open the old pipe, replacing it with a new one, in the exact same place.
  • Pipe relining – This means that you get new pipes from the inside out. The “sleeve” that is added to the existing sewer lines will help to eliminate pipe cracks. After cleaning, applying lining material is going to ensure that the whole pipe system is functional again.

If you are worried that your pipes are leaking unhealthy sewage under your property, that tree roots are destroying your lateral, or worried about your sewer as a whole, you can always rely on professional help. Even if the damage is already done, the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services are still able to repair and minimize the damage as much as possible.

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