Signs That Your Sewers Need To Be Replaced

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Full drain replacement insideNothing lasts forever, including our sewers. Even with regular maintenance, our sewer is not going to last an eternity. You do not want your sewers to get to the point where you are looking at some major expenses just to get them working again, or might even face problems with possible home damage. That is why we have come up with the following signs that your sewers need to be replaced.

Sign #1 – Slow Drainage Takes Too Long

When you turn off your shower or flush your toilet, you might notice that the water takes a far longer time to go down the drain. This means that the issue might be the sewer line. The smooth flow of the water going down can become interrupted because of a blockage in the line. This can cause damage to your home and lead to sewage back up.

Sign #2 – Foul Smelling Odors

If your home smells like a sewer, chances are that there is a problem with your sewage lines. The odor is going to permeate throughout the home if the sewage is not draining properly. It is going to become almost impossible to live in your home if you have the constant smell of raw sewage in your home. It might be time to change the sewer line if you notice that even a traditional cleaning does nothing to remedy the problem.

Sign #3 – Sewage Back Up

You might notice some flooding around the toilet area and shower area, which might indicate sewer line backup. The water is going to leak from actual appliances rather than just flowing away like it is supposed to do. If you notice that this is a constant problem, it is a good idea to call in the professionals immediately. Especially because a sewage back up could lead to a difficult issue where your house takes serious damage.

Avoid Potential Home Damage – Call The Professionals

You might have actual damage to your home if the sewage starts to back up and floods your property. There might be foundation cracks on the walls or mold on spots that were wet from a leak. If you notice these problems, you should not hesitate for a moment.

It might sound like an investment and a lot of work to get your sewers replaced, but the truth is that you do not really have an alternative option available. No one wants to deal with the aftermath of raw sewage seeping into his or her home. If you want your sewage lines inspected and have someone determine what if anything you need to do, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

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Water Line Replacement Tools

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Trenchles drain repair. Pipe Burst by TorpedoFor the past few decades, a homeowner hearing that their water line needs to be replaced was one of the worst pieces of news to bear. After all, the main line is the source of not only a fresh supply of water to the home; it is what carries away gray water and waste to be cycled through the treatment plant.

The repair or replacement of this crucial pipe usually required digging up most of the yard to reach the trench where the line was situated, removing all the damaged components and then replacing them with a replacement pipe – not exactly a labor-friendly task.

Most homeowners could forget about curb appeal after they had their water line replaced. This was because gardens, sidewalks, and other landscape were mashed into mounds of dirt – all on the property owner’s dime as well. Luckily, modern technology has made these nightmares outdated and trenchless replacement methods have turned water line replacement into a non-invasive, one-afternoon job.

Trenchless water line replacement

Part of that new technology includes replacing deep set, damaged pipelines without excessive digging on the property. This not only keeps the yard intact, it also limits the risk of hitting underground gas, electrical, and phone lines.

The no dig method involves an almost ‘inside-out- approach to installing the new line. What this basically entails is feeding a new, undamaged piece of pipe into the old one, and then into the water main where it enters your home. This new piece of pipe is pulled into place with the use of heavy hydraulics. Once the new line has been properly situated, the old pipe is shattered with a bursting cone that fragments it as the new line replaces the old one.

Besides an entry point for the pipe and an exit point for the hydraulics to pull the pipe through, there is minimal digging involved. This process is fast, convenient, and is much more affordable due to less labor involved. Customers no longer have to look at a damaged water line as a financially crippling repair and instead can have the fixes done in a matter of a couple hours. The trenchless technologies also work in the case of sewer line replacement as well.

While there are still many needs for a shovel, thanks to the trenchless technology, those resources can be better focused on a garden or planting azaleas. If you want help with your situation, the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services have decades of experience and know when to step up.

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Get A Rebate or Subsidy For Sump Pump Installation

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A Rebate or Subsidy For Sump Pump InstallationWhen it comes to water damage in your home, it is not necessarily the overall amount of rain that is the biggest contributor to the destruction. It is the level of rain that comes over a short period of time. Annual rainfall levels have dropped in Toronto on a yearly basis, although damage from water has increased – mostly because torrential downpours have increased alarmingly.

In July 2013 for example, there was 90mm of rain that fell in an hour, an amount higher than average for the entire month. The changes in weather have prompted homeowners to alter, or at least ramp up, their strategies of how they protect their property. The Toronto government has championed the cause as well by easing some of the financial strain on homeowners by providing subsidies for the installation or replacement of a sump pump.

Government subsidy
The City of Toronto has begun offering residents up to $3,400 per property for the installation of flood protection devices. This amount is somewhat misleading because only up to $1,750 is eligible for sump pump related costs. Homeowners are also granted municipal rebates related to the installation and replacement of backwater valves as well as the cutting and capping of pipes connecting to city storm sewers.

What is covered in sump pump eligibility?
A sump pump and the corresponding components are an important installation, not only for protection against storms but also burst pipes, malfunctioning appliances, and other water damage in a basement or around a home’s foundation. The City of Toronto’s subsidy covers the installation and replacement of the sump pump, the installation of a sump pump alarm, and the installation of emergency backup for the unit.

It should be noted that the installation is not “free” per se. The government rebate covers 80% of the invoiced amount including labor, materials, permits, and taxes. The work must also be done by a licensed Toronto contractor and only the registered owner of the property (single family home, duplex, triplex) is eligible for the rebate. Because it needs to be done right, many homeowners rely on the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

Stipulations aside, the City of Toronto is not saying that the installation of a sump pump is mandatory – they are just saying if you do decide to put one in your property we will help you out proving that sometimes when it rains, it does not have to pour.

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Broken Drain And Sewer Pipes Problems

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 Drain DamageOne of the more common sources of potentially serious health issues and costly property damage in the Greater Toronto Area is a cracked sewer pipe or a broken drain. Plumbing has to be done right, and you need professional sewer pipe experts who can help you every step of the way.

  • Cast iron pipes may suffer pipe corrosion, this leads to broken, rusty sewer pipes over time
  • Clay pipes might be brittle and as the soil moves, these pipes can crack in a number of different spots if they do not have adequate support after installation.
  • ABS or PVC plastic pipe can crack if there is too much water pressure

Why do sewer pipes burst and crack?

There are several reasons that you may experience sewer pipe problems and broken drains, these are a few of the most common ones:

  • Someone dug in the wrong place (leading to damage)
  • There is a bad sewer pipe layout, faulty installation, or poor design
  • Your pipes are aging
  • Your pipes are frozen, lead to the sewer pipe bursting, cracking open, or blocking from within
  • Tree root intrusion. These roots are able to infiltrate your sewer pipes, but once inside they may actually crack your pipes
  • Lack of maintenance. There is a reason that maintenance is so important, because not doing so puts added pressure on the pipes. The buildup of sanitary products, food particles, grease, or hair can become problematic.

Possible solutions if you have a problem with your sewer line

By using specialized video camera equipment, it is easy to find and assess the damage done to your sewer pipe or drain. Even though everyone has a unique problem, some of the most common solutions we have seen include:

  • Preventative maintenance – We mentioned it before, regular drain cleaning and inspections can help prevent any household debris, hair, and grease from bursting, cracking, or clogging your pipes. Preventative maintenance is always much easier than having to do repairs.
  • Bursting – It is possible to pull a new sewer pipe through the remains of the old one, depending on the situation of course. This is going to break open the old pipe, replacing it with a new one, in the exact same place.
  • Pipe relining – This means that you get new pipes from the inside out. The “sleeve” that is added to the existing sewer lines will help to eliminate pipe cracks. After cleaning, applying lining material is going to ensure that the whole pipe system is functional again.

If you are worried that your pipes are leaking unhealthy sewage under your property, that tree roots are destroying your lateral, or worried about your sewer as a whole, you can always rely on professional help. Even if the damage is already done, the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services are still able to repair and minimize the damage as much as possible.

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Indoor Drainage Systems

Indoor Drainage Systems

So what happens to all that water that we use from our faucets, tubs, showers and sinks and where does it actually go to? It is right to assume that it actually goes somewhere. This is the reason whey the plumbing and drainage system are extremely important in the home. The indoor drainage system of your home carries waste and used water, otherwise known as gray water to the sewer system or the septic tank that is outside. The indoor drainage system has been around for as long as plumbing has been and so there are not too many changes as far as components are concerned.

Some improvements that have taken place in the drainage systems have had to do with piping materials and as days move on we may expect just a few changes if any. There are code requirements that change often and they dictate the direction indoor drainage systems usually take.  The drain pipe sizing and configurations are usually based on the layout of the home regardless of how many bathrooms are found in the home. In older homes you will find that drain pipe materials are made of thin walled stainless steel, lead, cast iron or copper. The copper steal and lead are almost always found under the sinks whereas the cast iron is to be found on basements or crawlspaces. Leaks become very common especially in the joints some of which become susceptible to rust or corrosion. These are called failure points within the indoor drainage systems and it is at this points that problems are usually eminent. PVC piping has taken the place of many of these old metal pieces because they are not only affordable but are also durable and clean. When it is time to do any repairs to the old metal piping it may be a good idea to replace as much of it as possible so as to reduce the incidence of leaks as much as possible.

For many people whose homes are built on basements the indoor drainage system is usually visible from there apart from those cases where the basement is finished. Even though cast iron was the material of choice for many years in the past, it is prone to leaks related to corrosion after some time. It is when waste accumulates along the interior of the pipes that leaks get to develop after many years. Checking that your indoor drainage system is working constantly is the best way to keep it going and prevent any potential disaster.

Drain Tile Systems

Drain Tile Systems

Many home owners question how they could possibly keep their foundations waterproofed for many years. The good news is that the solution is not so complex because of the availability of treatments that are directed towards exterior waterproofing. It is possible to successfully damp proof your foundations through a properly installed drain till system. Foundations that receive this type of treatment can remain waterproofed for many years to come and that will simply imply permanence of your foundations and buildings. As a home owner it is therefore important for you to know proper drain tile system pointers on the prevention of binding.

There are many people who falsely believe that their foundations and homes have been waterproofed, the truth if the mater is that many have simply been damp proofed. We all possibly know that concrete will generally soak up water and that is the reason why when you place moist soil next to your foundation it becomes damp straight away. The drain tile system works well because those companies that waterproof foundations will insist that they monitor the installation of your drain tile system. This system is important because as a matter of fact, water will naturally flow towards the direction of your foundation. This happens very much in those areas where people have built on a slope of any gradient.  Since water has the tendency to move horizontally through the soil it is apt to occupy the void spaces between soil particles. The deeper you therefore go into the soil the fewer the spaces wild be for that water. You may also remember that the earth that used to backfill around your house is never compacted and this may spell bog trouble for your foundation. One way to help deal with such a situation is to a nice drain tile system job and your foundation is going to be safe.

The installation of drain tile around your house is therefore important because it will counter the weakness that has been caused the capacity of backfill soil to hold onto water. Because you cannot possibly collect this water and keep it away from your foundation you then need to consider installing a drain tile.  You only need to make sure that your drain tile system is installed well otherwise it will clog up. Once this waterproofing job is done well you can rest assured that your foundation will keep dry and your house will last as long as it is meant to last.