Effects of Leaking Pipes

As a homeowner, you count on the parts of your house to work well to provide you the things you need – light, air, temperature, water and so on. This includes trusting everything from doors and windows to the unseen components of your home, such as plumbing, to perform the way they ought to. The structure of the house is even built around the assumption that things like plumbing will work well, which makes the effects of leaking pipes nearly catastrophic when they aren’t seen to immediately. The long term effects of leaking pipes aren’t just water stains and potential damage to drywall and wood – mold and mildew love damp, dark conditions. By properly taking care of leaking pipes, you aren’t just protecting your home, you’re protecting the health of you and your family as well.

When pipes leaking becomes apparent, telltale signs will start to emerge. These include “wrinkling” or warping of the wall with the leaking pipes, or a floor that feels soft and spongy underneath your feet. A musty odor is another one of the most readily noticeable – this occurs when a slow drip or leaking pipes let water gradually build up on a surface that is not intended for it, such as wood, linoleum, or even drywall. This can happen anywhere plumbing runs in your home, from under a sink to deep inside a wall, which means that odor is only a good indication of the existence of the problem, not necessarily the location of it. Even if you fix one leaking pipe, you have no way of knowing if that particular leak was caused by a failure further up in the system – which is why you should call professionals like Dr. Pipe drain and plumbing to assess the issue.

If pipes leaking all over your wall is unappealing, consider that not taking care of that leak may cause them to burst! Pipes are made to hold a certain flow of water at a certain rate, so when their regulating power is removed from the flow of water by a burst, the water will flow freely everywhere the pipe used to be until the main is shut off. To prevent this from happening, be sure to address all leaking pipe concerns as quickly as possible, and call an expert for advice if you’re out of your depth with a potential problem. An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth a pound of cure.

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