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Four Steps Of Commercial Waterproofing ServicesImagine your home flooding or having damage due to moisture. Now you have to repair it and you are going to be displaced the entire time the repairs are happening. While the repairs are covered by your excellent home owner’s insurance policy, at least the majority of them, you are now majorly inconvenienced and put out on a limb for weeks or perhaps several months until repairs are made.

If this is damage to a commercial building, you can be losing money during the process, and that’s even worse! Yet, had you just considered waterproofing the residence or commercial property before moving in and using the location, you would have been far better off and not dealing with costly repairs.

Get A Written Report Detailing The Waterproofing Plan

Leave no questions unanswered: waterproofing professionals are happy to help you work out your moisture management and will provide you with all the information you need in a comprehensive report. The document will contain details about what the professionals must do in order to ensure that there is no water going to the structure while it is under construction. The report also includes details on how to deal with emergency floods and potential home damage.

Scanning The Structure With Special Cameras

The plan we develop to help control the moisture entering the home also includes the use of infrared cameras during the various phases of the building process – this lets individuals know if any pockets of moisture have suddenly developed or if the structure features any areas one should be concerned about in the future. The cameras can also provide information relating to the general success of remediation.

Final Check From The Specialists

Following the completion of the building’s construction, the plumbing professionals will examine the building one more time, and the home is reviewed for any plumbing, fire, or mechanical system issues so that we ensure everything remains perfectly dry and moisture-free.

Following The Final Inspection Of The Property

 We give you a full report documenting the fact that you should have nothing to worry about concerning accidental water damage. You should store the document for your records.

If you are now ready to participate in the waterproofing process at your home or business, call your Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services professionals today! They will be able to walk you through the entire process.

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