Indentify Your Water Problem

It is a fact that almost all buildings experience some water intrusion at one time or another.  These water problems come in form of flooding, different types of leaks as well as internal dampness at any point during the lifetime of the house.  It is important to vigilant regarding this issue so that you get to avoid building failure due to dampness. Proactive action is actually far less expensive and disrupting and as a home owner you cannot afford to be complacent regarding water issue that may dampen your floors and walls.

As a home owner you want to avoid block walls caused by dampness because apart from the structural problems it causes to your building, it has also been identified as a potential health hazard. Cases of dampness and mould have been known to be linked with cases such as asthma, wheezing, coughing and a host of other upper respiratory tract ailments. This dampness can also cause chemicals and particles such as formaldehyde and lead to be released from building materials which are also health hazards. An inspection by a technician can help you detect leakages. There are cases where such leaks get merged with air infiltration and water finds its way to surfaces causing much damage. Water leaks below concrete slabs or foundations can be detected by performing a meter test. After you locate the meter you need to ensure that water is switched off in the rest of the building. The places you need to check well include checking whether toilets are running, leaking sinks together with connections to appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.  Many leaks are caused by worn out or misaligned parts and a good plumber should be able to identify the leak for you.

The reason why many water problems are difficult to identity could be because most plumbing and utility pathways are more often than not hidden from sight between walls as well as within walls under floors. You could check most obvious places for signs of leaks such as ceilings where there is likely to be spots. Water leaks that are found around windows and doors can greatly deteriorate your home because they could go undetected over a long time. The end result is a problem that becomes expensive or even difficult to fix. Since water control is a universal dilemma more damage can be prevented if due care is taken during the construction process.

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