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Waterproofing ExpertsIt is important to waterproof your basement for a number of different reasons. Pipe condensation, leaking windows, and cracks in the wall are the most common reasons that basements have issues with water build-up.

You can experience a wide range of issues if you have too much or prolonged water retention. A few of the serious concerns that you may have to deal with include foundation damage, mold, and termites. Just another indicator that you may have to do something about your basement.
Keeping your basement dry
Some ways of keeping your basement dry may appear to be rather obvious. You want good surface grading in your basement, which will help drain water away from the house. Keeping your wall cracks sealed and having proper exterior waterproofing are just two of the best initial ways that you can ensure that you waterproof your basement.

A sump pump
Another common method that people use to keep their basement dry is the use of a sump pump. Even though some professionals only suggest that this might be a last resort, we believe that it can help with a number of other things. There are two different types of sump pump: the water-powered and the submersible. The submersible is more expensive, but these are placed underground and are electrically powered. A combination of the two is often better, because a submersible is far more quiet, but a water-powered sump pump can be used during power failure.

Additional professional options
It is also a good idea to opt for some basement-waterproofing systems. If you are at risk of extra water buildup or consistent water buildup, you might want to talk to a professional about the options. Sometimes the use of polyurethane spray or foam is recommended.

This acts as a powerful sealant, and can help repair leaks and cracks around your basement windows and walls. Because the foam is extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions, the treatment can last upwards of a decade or even longer.

Getting the right help
If you want professional assistance, it is highly recommended that you try to work with professional plumbing experts who are able to help with the situation. Professional plumbers have seen and done it all, meaning that they are able to help identify potential problems before they become actual problems.

If you want professional advice from waterproofing experts, call Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services today. They can help you narrow down the options that make sense for you. This ensures that your basement is dry for years to come.

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