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Sewage In Weeping Tiles You know about the weeping tiles importance, but you might not know that sometimes, it can cause quite a stink. Having a weeping tile backwater valve can be a great way to avoid problems with flooding, but without proper maintenance, chances are that you will have some seriously smelly issues. We can offer you some information about odour avoiding.

How the problem starts

In some of the older homes in the Greater Toronto area, weeping tiles will drain into the catch basic of the floor. This connects directly to the main sewer pipe. In order to prevent sewer gas from entering the home, there is a trap at the bottom of the floor drain.

If the main drainpipe in your home is partially blocked, either by tree roots or by something else, it is possible that the backflow of sewage becomes a serious issue. As more of the waste comes into the catch basin, it backs up into the weeping tiles.

Now this wastewater may contain raw sewage that comes from the bathrooms of the house. Even though you may not notice the situation for quite some time, you will eventually notice if the weeping tile becomes full. This causes the floor drain to overflow onto the basement floor.

Even though the wastewater is going to drain from the weeping tiles rather quickly, the raw sewage (or at least some of it) may be left behind. This is going to lead to a smell if the weeping tiles become damp again. This means that if there is high humidity in the basement or heavy rainfall, chances are that you will have a pungent basement.

What you can do

You know about the weeping tiles importance, so removing them is not an option. What can you do for odour avoiding? The easiest way to clean some of these issues is with a plunger. You can flush the weeping tile with warm, soapy water. You can easily replicate the weeping tile’s functionality, giving you quick access to the weeping tiles.

By using a common plunger to block the drain, you hook up a hose to the washer faucet or laundry sink and fill the catch basin along with liquid soap. You want to fill the area just underneath the point where the floor would overflow. By soaking the tiles for a while (thus leaving it sitting in soapy water) you can easily clean your weeping tiles.

If you are not comfortable with this procedure or want a professional cleaning, you can always call the professionals. The certified professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing have experience with cleaning your weeping tiles and can remove any foul odors. At the same time, they will know if these are dirty weeping tiles or whether there is another, far more serious problem, at play.

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