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Full drain replacement insideNothing lasts forever, including our sewers. Even with regular maintenance, our sewer is not going to last an eternity. You do not want your sewers to get to the point where you are looking at some major expenses just to get them working again, or might even face problems with possible home damage. That is why we have come up with the following signs that your sewers need to be replaced.

Sign #1 – Slow Drainage Takes Too Long

When you turn off your shower or flush your toilet, you might notice that the water takes a far longer time to go down the drain. This means that the issue might be the sewer line. The smooth flow of the water going down can become interrupted because of a blockage in the line. This can cause damage to your home and lead to sewage back up.

Sign #2 – Foul Smelling Odors

If your home smells like a sewer, chances are that there is a problem with your sewage lines. The odor is going to permeate throughout the home if the sewage is not draining properly. It is going to become almost impossible to live in your home if you have the constant smell of raw sewage in your home. It might be time to change the sewer line if you notice that even a traditional cleaning does nothing to remedy the problem.

Sign #3 – Sewage Back Up

You might notice some flooding around the toilet area and shower area, which might indicate sewer line backup. The water is going to leak from actual appliances rather than just flowing away like it is supposed to do. If you notice that this is a constant problem, it is a good idea to call in the professionals immediately. Especially because a sewage back up could lead to a difficult issue where your house takes serious damage.

Avoid Potential Home Damage – Call The Professionals

You might have actual damage to your home if the sewage starts to back up and floods your property. There might be foundation cracks on the walls or mold on spots that were wet from a leak. If you notice these problems, you should not hesitate for a moment.

It might sound like an investment and a lot of work to get your sewers replaced, but the truth is that you do not really have an alternative option available. No one wants to deal with the aftermath of raw sewage seeping into his or her home. If you want your sewage lines inspected and have someone determine what if anything you need to do, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

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