Basement Damaged by Underground Water in Toronto

Basement Damaged by Underground Water in Toronto

Water damage in basements is a very common problem in Toronto. Water damages occur due to diverse reasons. The most common cause of this problem is underground water. There are several signs which indicate that your basement is damaged by water.

If your basement is water damaged, you will observe dampness and stains on the carpet. Underground water also causes molds and mildews on your basement walls and floors. Water also causes your basement floor to crack.

Due to underground water, you will also notice signs of damages on your basement walls. Due to invasion of water from internal and external sources, you will notice efflorescent on walls. Efflorescent is a whitish mineral deposit which builds up on basement walls due to dampness. The growth of efflorescent is a sign that water is seeping through your basement walls. The hydrostatic force pushes underground water into your basement which results in the cracking of floors and walls.

Water-filtration in your basement can damage the integrity of its foundation. Water-filtration can also occur because of surface water which results from rain and snow. If the guttering in your home is not properly installed, it can result in various forms of basement damages.

If you are confronting basement problems due to underground water, you must troubleshoot them at the right time. If these problems are not identified and solved at the right time, they can result in the damage of your home structure and basement. If you have installed several systems in your basement, for instance garage disposal, wires and sewage pipes, your wet basement can turn into a complete disaster.

There are several ways through which you can keep underground water from your basement. In case of water invasion in your basement, you can use a sump pump to keep the water out. A proper ventilation system in your basement can also help you prevent a gamut of basement damages.

So, if you are a victim of basement damages in Toronto, you must endeavor to get rid of these damages. A very efficient way to solve basement problems is basement waterproofing. A licensed and experienced plumbing company can also recommend other effective solutions for your basement. Dr. Pipe is a reliable company in Toronto which offers advanced plumbing solutions for residential and commercial facilities.