Causes of Basement Moisture

Causes of Basement Moisture

Basements are found in almost every home. Previously, people were not used to making the most of their basements. Nowadays, basements are utilized through several ways. Some people use their basement as a living room, while others make it a guest room. Basements can also be used as bars or as warehouses. However, there is something that can prevent you from making good use of your basement, and it is basement moisture.

Basement moisture is a serious plumbing problem which can give rise to several other issues if you do not deal with it in a timely manner. If this problem is not solved immediately, it can result in molds and mildews which can damage walls, floors and belongings as well.

There are several causes of basement moisture. If you analyze them carefully, you can find an effective solution. The most common cause of basement moisture is heavy rain. Condensation is another cause of basement moisture. If you observe damp walls, mildews, and dripping pipes in your basement, condensation is the cause.

There is an easy way to detect condensation in your basement. Tape a mirror in your basement and wait for twenty-four hours. If the mirror becomes beaded with water, then suspect condensation. Basement condensation results from excess humidity in the air. In order to prevent condensation, you can install a dehumidifier.

Another cause of basement moisture is seepage. In seepage, dampness occurs on basement walls or floors. Here you can also use a mirror to detect seepage. Seepage in basements occur when there are pores in the basement foundation. If you are facing a similar problem, basement waterproofing is the solution.

Basement dampness also occurs because of leakages. Leaks often occur during heavy rains. If you are suspecting leaks in your basement, you can check by running a hose near the leak. Do not forget to check mortar joints between blocks. You can solve this problem by waterproofing basement.

Sometimes, dampness is a result of groundwater infiltration. It occurs when the soil around foundation carries an excess amount of water. The excess water penetrates the basement through various cracks. So if there are cracks in your basement, you must seal them as quickly as possible.

Clogged gutters are also the cause of basement dampness. There are several things which can clog gutters including bird nests, debris, leaves, and twigs. Clogged gutters prevent water from flowing properly, which ultimately results in dampness.