How to Remove Basement Mold

Many home owners usually get a shock of their lives when they go to basements only to find disgusting piles of mold and mildew on their walls and floors. This gives them a shock leading to worries which are not at all justified. The reason is that there are plenty of simple things that can be done to rectify this problem. This basement mold appears in several forms and the reason is that many basements are found underground and they get a lot of moisture which is a good environment for their growth. Things would be different if the basements were fitted with moisture barriers.

Even though some builders put moisture barriers in their basements as they are building, they can become damaged and become old over time and in other cases it usually because of poor workmanship. The problems appear several months down the line and it catches many home owners by surprise. It is only those who live in arid areas where dampness is nota problem who do not have to worry about basement mold removal. However when there are heavy rains and humidity you may have reason to prepare yourself to deal with basement mold on your concrete basement. If you are dealing with only a small amount of basement mold you may only have to mix a small amount of bleach to four parts of water in order to use it for cleaning. You should however remember that using bleach may sometimes not cure the problem because it may not go all the way to the roots of the mold. You can therefore look for other designated products that are used specifically for killing molds. Using a scrubbing brush and making sure you have put on a pair of gloves to protect your skin you can vey easily clear the molds away.

If however you will be dealing with more problematic basement mold and diluted bleach does not seem to be good enough, that could be an indication of a more serious problem that you may need to try and resolve. It may be possible that there are cracks on the basement and they are letting water seep in. this would then require that you deal with the initial problem by waterproofing the basement before you are able to completely deal with the basement mold problem. It may also be important for you to try and look for a professional who should be able to deal with your entire problem once and for all.