Results of Improper Basement Waterproofing

Results of Improper

Basement Waterproofing

There are many home owners who experience water damage, leakages, and other plumbing problems. It is not possible to ignore that your basement is prone to moisture because it is close to the ground.  Moisture can cause a gamut of plumbing problems of which the most important is leakages.

Excessive moisture on your basement can also cause cracks on your basement walls. Waterproofing basement can help you solve these plumbing problems. No matter whether you are building your first or fifth home, waterproofing basement is necessary to prevent moisture damage. You can waterproof your basement either during or after construction. However, waterproofing is more effective if performed at the time of construction.

Sometimes waterproofing your basement does not solve problems. It happens when it is not performed properly. So it can be said that basement waterproofing can only help you solve problems if you have consulted an experienced plumber to perform this task. If you have planned to save a few bucks, you are likely to confront a number of plumbing disasters. In several cases, improper basement waterproofing makes the problem worse. Improper waterproofing is also considered the main cause of damp basements. In this problem, water starts coming through the walls. It also takes place when drains in your home are not installed properly.

In order to avoid improper basement waterproofing, certain preventive measures must be taken from the beginning. The most important precaution that a homeowner must take when waterproofing their basement is to have an adequate drainage system. Improper basement waterproofing involves an inadequate drainage system. If your drainage system is not sloped properly, it will cause spills which will ultimately produce an undesirable smell.

Sometimes a plumber forgets to check gutters and downspouts when waterproofing a basement. If not maintained properly, these gutters get stuck up by debris. So in order to avoid improper basement waterproofing, it is also essential to check gutters and downspouts.

There are several other factors as well which contribute in improper basement waterproofing. Some of these factors include the climate, water deposits, and others. If you have not anticipated the climate before waterproofing, you are likely to suffer. It is because weather conditions are an important source of moisture. So, it is important for you to consider all these factors before waterproofing your basement. Improper basement waterproofing causes you to spend money on remodeling your entire basement.