Waterproofing Toronto

Waterproofing Toronto

There are a lot of companies waterproofing Toronto homes today and all have questions that are asked of them all the time. Calling a waterproofing service may be the best thing you can do for your home and having a professional from a waterproofing company give you an estimate, or just come out and diagnose your leaking basement problem will give you peace of mind.

Here are few of the more Frequently
Asked Questions about home waterproofing

Q. What causes my basement to leak?
A. Some homes succumb to hydrostatic pressure form the outside. This pressure can build up behind the walls and cause them to crack. It could also be from over saturated soil. This can be the result of the improper placement of gutter spouts or even the sloping of the lawn.

Q. Why waterproof the pavement?
A. This will keep the salt water and chlorine from fading the colors.

Q. When waterproofing a basement should I also include the walls?
A. Yes, Walls can allow water vapors to seep into the basement and this will have the same effects as a bigger leak over time.

These are just a few of the questions being asked daily of professional waterproofing services all over Toronto.
Here are a few more just to cover a few more bases.

Q. The basement didn’t used to get wet, what happened?
A. There are several reasons that this could be happening now; changes in the landscape can be one of the main reasons.

Q. Are there any simple things that can be done to improve the situation?
A. Keep the gutters clear and free of leaves and other debris and make sure they are not spilling water along the base of the home. Spouts should be at least four feet away from the house.

Q. Will the cracks in the basement wall cause it to cave in?
A. No, concrete and masonry walls can withstand a few cracks. If the house was built with strong structural integrity then you have nothing to worry about.

Q. Why do some waterproofing services charge more for the same problem?
A. It is a matter of overhead and profit margin. The fancier the company the more you are bound to pay.

Q. Why is waterproofing a basement so expensive?
A. The expense is generally the cost of the professional labor. The cost for materials should be virtually the same as if you purchased them yourself.