Cleaning Out Tub Trap

Cleaning Out Tub Trap

Tub traps are the most common places in the bathroom where a clog is incurred. A clogged bath tub is really a pain. Tub traps are located in your home within the bathtub plumbing system. There are various types of tub traps which are used in bathrooms.

Bottle traps are the most common types of tub traps. You will find these traps in both bathtubs and sinks. P-traps are also a type of tub trap which are made of PVC, brass or steel. Tub traps also include S-traps which are made of copper, brass, steel, or PVC.

Due to the continuous use, debris and clogs buildup inside these traps which can block drains. By cleaning tub traps regularly, you can prevent backups and clogs. It is not difficult to clean tub traps so you can easily clean them yourselves.

Before cleaning tub traps, use a pipe to clean soap and hair clogs from drains. You may also use hot water to clear out any blockage that may obstruct the flow of water. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves before you start cleaning the trap. After this, you need to find out the cleanout for the trap. You will most probably find this trap near the bathtub.

Pop off the cap from the trap cleanout and place a bucket beneath it so that clogs and debris can empty into it. Let the clog drop into the basket. If you have not removed the cap for a long time, you will find it difficult to carry out this step. You may use a hammer or a wrench to dig out the trap.

So whenever you encounter slow drain problems, make sure to clean all traps. Tub traps in your home may be old-fashioned or modern. There is a simple way to know whether you have an old-fashioned trap or not. If you notice a metal cover of three to four inches in diameter near the drain end of the tub, it means that you have an old-fashioned trap.

In order to clean an old-fashioned trap, you can use an auger to clear clogs. You will find it difficult to open an old-fashioned trap. So if a trap is difficult to open, you can use lubricating oil to penetrate it. Sometimes, these traps become very old and damaged. In this case, you need to replace your tub trap with a new one.

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