Waterproofing Safety

Waterproofing Safety

There are not many people who know that there are hazards that are related to waterproofing. It is therefore paramount that anyone who intends to do anything to do with it learns the procedures to do with safe waterproofing. Waterproofing below grade is a really dangerous thing and for your own safety you would be better off letting a professional do it for you. Should it happen that you are using a contractor, the workers need to follow the written safety program especially when it has to do with hazard – communication requirements.

The first thing that must be done is to make sure that the work area is secured properly so that other people and even members of your household stay out of harms way. a good knowledge of waterproofing materials is essential so that one is able to use them properly without sacrificing safety at all. The reason for taking care is that among the materials used for waterproofing are those that are highly flammable. Since these products are usually solvent based it is important that they are kept away form naked flames, welding operations, cutting torches or any other sources that can cause ignition.  It is also important to make use of a good respirator especially when working with solvent materials. Should it happen that you are working in a closed area you may have to use and air fed respirator.  Safe waterproofing precautions demand that you are not complacent about this because some of those vapors emitted by solvents are deadly and if a large area is newly applied with the material it can be potentially dangerous. Since these vapors are heavier than air, there will tend to be a buildup in any sunken areas and especially in an excavation such as a foundation.

You also need to take note that many waterproofing materials are usually laden with all sorts of chemicals most of which can be harmful to the skin. As such, care must be taken that you have and use protective clothing as well as gloves. After you are done with your work, remember that you must have heavy duty chemical resistant gloves on especially when cleaning the tools you have been using in solvent. The spray equipment you will be using such as the high pressure airless sprayer can very easily inject toxic chemicals straight into your blood stream and you must as such handle them with a lot of care. Safe waterproofing also concerns taking care of your eyes by using goggles or protective glasses more so when you will be working with liquids.

Residential Waterproofing

Residential Waterproofing

The materials used in construction are not strong enough to protect your home from moisture damage. With the passage of time, deterioration, weathering, and moisture can make your home vulnerable to plumbing problems.

Homeowners usually do not realize the importance of residential waterproofing until they find traces of dampness on their walls and roofs. If you home is not waterproof, chances are that your home’s foundation will become unstable. Foundation waterproofing can help you prevent cracking on the concrete floors of your home.
In order to keep your home dry, various waterproofing products are available in the market. These products are considered very useful for residential waterproofing.

A sump-pump is a very common waterproofing tool. People who have ever encountered a flooding emergency in their home must be aware of the importance of a sump-pump. A sump-pump drains-out excess water from your home.

Another great residential waterproofing option is dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers can help you get rid of a moldy and damp basement. They work by filtering-out moisture from the air to prevent molds and mildews.
Water vapors seem to be just tiny droplets of water, but they lead to some of the worst plumbing catastrophes. In order to prevent various problems caused by vapors, thermal wall dry systems have been invented. These systems serve as a waterproofing barrier.

If you want to avoid basement flooding, residential waterproofing is an effective solution. Waterproofing can provide your home with several benefits. It can increase the value of your property. However, moisture damage can significantly reduce the value of your home by 10 to 15%. So, if you want to maintain the precious value of your home, you must consider residential waterproofing.

Waterproofing can also help you create a healthy environment. An increase the amount of moisture in your residential property will ultimately develop molds and mildews. These microorganisms cause a gamut of respiratory ailments. If you are anxious about the health of your family members, you must waterproof your home as soon as possible.

Basement waterproofing is rapidly gaining popularity these days. It is because basements are prone to moisture and humidity since they are close to the ground. In many homes, basements are the most neglected part. Some people only use their basements for the purpose of garbage storage. However, by basement waterproofing you can turn your basement into a bedroom, living room, guest room or even a bar.