Mistakes Basement Waterproofing Contractors

Mistakes Basement

Waterproofing Contractors

In many localities one of the biggest enemies to homeowners is moisture and at one time or another you may have to deal with it. Many people have discovered the importance of having crawlspace vapor barriers to act as the best way to protect especially their basements. There are numerous companies and professionals who can assist you have a dryer basement even before you get into the problem itself. It is therefore important for homeowners to know when it is time to do some basement waterproofing because there are signs and indications that may serve as indicators.

The first sign that you need to see a waterproofing professional is when you find water sitting under your home. Any time you allow water stagnate under your house for any reason will be cause for concern because a variety of problem both small and large are caused by water in the basement. You also need to be on the lookout for small annoying insects around your home. You may try to eliminate small bugs such as spiders, roaches and many others but more often than not they will back sooner rather than later. A wet basement provides a good breeding place for many bugs because they love dwelling in dark and damp areas. You can avoid these bugs coming back by having a dry basement. The other important thing that will be a telltale sign that you may be in need of a dryer basement is the presence of air that is moist. Should the air in your hose feel thicker than normal could be an indicator that air from underneath your home is wet and doing basement waterproofing will save your day. Your electricity bills may well be a sign of poor insulation at the windows but in many cases the high bills could be caused by basement encapsulation.

The other place that will indicate they yours is a sign of a dryer basement is to check whether your home has sloping foundations or walls. The truth of the matter is that when the floors are sagging you probably need more foundation repair. However, such sagging walls may be giving an indication that your basement could be wet and if care is not taken rot could actually be setting in. The floors are likely to sag when the beams are beginning to rot which is a clear indication that you need to do some serious basement waterproofing.