Fixing Basement Leaks

Fixing Basement Leaks

Fixing basement leaks can be a trial but if left for too long the small leak will grow into a disaster of costly proportions. Improper outside drainage around the base of the house causes most leaks.  Water collects along the baseline and drains into the basement. This creates a wet basement and most often growths of bacteria and mold. Standing water in a basement is not only inconvenient it is also a health hazard. Waterproofing the area can give you a dry basement and healthier air to breathe.

Here are a few tips to help you waterproof your basement without a lot of added expense. The first thing you can look at is the slope of the ground around the base of your home. If it is lower by the base of the house you can beat this will contribute to the “water in basement” problem. You can purchase more topsoil and build the area up all along the base of the house. You will want to build it so that the grain runs on an angle at least four feet away from the base. This will allow water to drain away from the walls of the structure and not over saturate the dirt along the walls. It is important that the soil is compacted so as not to readily allow water to seep through.

Gutters that are not installed properly or that drain directly along the base can also cause basement leaks. The spouts should be spaced out one for every 600-800 feet of roof space. The spouts should always drain about four feet away from the house. This will prevent over saturating the ground near the home. You will also need to clean the leaves and other debris out of the drain periodically.

Another way of waterproofing is to install a sump pump system. This method works best for concrete basements. The sump pump is connected to a drainage pipe that runs underground and carries the water well past the back soil. This works well for homes who are experiencing water leaks from the subfloor upward.

Gutters, yard grain and pumping are all alternatives for a basement leaking with water. For some of these you will need to call in a professional contractors to make certain the installation is correct. Call Now and stop leak in the basement.