Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing Systems

The Problem

Moisture damage is one of the worst plumbing catastrophes. It mostly occurs due to the ingress of water into your home during rainfall. However, there are other reasons for moisture damage as well. Moisture can also enter your building through the air. It can also be brought by wind or seepage. So now you must agree that it is very easy for water to invade your home. The invasion of water, in extreme cases, also leads to the growth of black mold.

The Solution

The only solution to this problem is to invest in a waterproofing system. Waterproofing your home is an important preventive measure that you can take to prevent moisture damage. You can install a waterproof system in your home during or after construction. Waterproofing your home will solve a gamut of problems including pipe condensation, leakage, cracks, and others.

Moisture has an obvious impact on your basement. It can affect your basement in the form of vapors or liquid. It is not necessary that your basement always shows obvious signs of moisture. It is because your basement has the ability to retain a high amount of moisture before showing any obvious evidence. The damage that occurs to your basement is slow but detrimental.

Waterproofing systems can be installed to the external or internal side of a basement wall. The purpose of internal waterproofing is to redirect water out of your home. Internal waterproofing tends to solve various visible problems such as molds, moist walls, and others. However, this system lacks the capacity to withstand high hydrostatic pressure.

External waterproofing is a comprehensive waterproofing solution. It is intended to protect your home from every kind of moisture damage. External waterproofing can be done through several ways of which some of the most important are tanking, exterior fountain drains, interior basement proofing, and outside drainage system. Among these external waterproofing methods, tanking is very common. In this process, a plumber applies a membrane to the outer walls of your basement. This process can only be performed at the time of construction. So, if you are planning to build your home, be very upfront with your contractors and builders.

If you live in a place with heavy rainfall, you can use exterior fountain drains as a moisture relief method. This system relies on an in ground drainage system to keep the water outside your basement.