What Is Weeping Tile And How Do You Install It

What Is Weeping Tile And

How Do You Install It

Actually it is not tile as we have come to know it. Weeping tile generally refers to a mode of piping that is used in drainage systems. They are used mostly for underground drainage. We see a lot of basement weeping tile installation in addition to the sump pump. It is a porous pipe system laid on in what is known as aggregate formation to allow collection of extra water from the ground. This in effects prevents the groundwater from over saturating the surrounding soil.

They are a very simple design, generally made of hard plastic. The sides of the pipe are cut lengthwise in a series of minute slits. These are what collect the water from the ground allowing it to flow down the pipes. Weeping tiles are used in conjunction with sump pumps or laid out to end in a sewer line.

The rocks or stones that you would find around the weeping tiles are there to prevent the pipes from getting clogged with dirt. This means the dirt stays out and the water flows in. weeping tiles increases the efficiency of many of our regular drainage systems. Some farmers use this type of system for irrigation.

They are installed just below the concrete in basements that are using sump pumps. Excess moisture is allowed to seep through the gravel and is collected by the pipes and drained away. They are great for lowering humidity and for the prevention of mold growth in the enclosed area. Installing these with your sump pump can be a bit costly but nothing like you would have to spend to remodel the entire basement.

Installation of the weeping tile is best left to professionals although there are a few who will attempt to do the job themselves. Contacting Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing can save you time and money on the installation. Time because they have installed hundreds and know the right way to do it and money because it cost less to do it right than to correct a mistake. If you are dead set on doing it yourself visit drpipe.ca for more information weeping tile installation.

If your problem is soggy lawn syndrome installing weeping pipes underneath the lawn will greatly diminish the amount of water there. This is a practice used in areas that get a lot of rainfall.