Tips for Choosing a Sump Pump

A sump pump can be a wonderfully convenient addition to your home, keeping your basement and below-ground areas of your home dry and free of moisture. These unassuming devices more than pay for themselves in the protection they offer for your furnishings, belongings, and protecting your family from the impacts of mold and mildew. Easy to use, today’s models sense water buildup and automatically pump it up and away from your home, working hard even when you are not physically in the house. No one, after all, wants to come home to a basement flood!

When shopping for sump pumps, keep your needs in mind. Do you have a sump pit already dug in your home’s basement? If not, this will need to be done prior to installing a sump pump – and experts like those at Dr. Pipe drain and plumbing services can help advise you on the easiest way to get it done. Another consideration is how powerful of a sump pump you need – most are 1/3 to 1/4 horsepower, which is fine for most minor moisture issues, but a stronger model may be necessary if your problem is particularly severe. Refer to sump pump reviews by other users to see how the models you’re considering fared in use: this will be an excellent judging characteristic when it comes time to purchase a pump.

Measurements are also important when choosing a sump pump. The height of your pump, as well as the power cord length, must agree with the depth of your sump pit. If the head pressure (the height to which the pump can send water up out of the sump pit) isn’t high enough, the water won’t make it outside! Additionally, the cord must be able to plug directly into a round fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) outlet, not an extension cord – extension cords may lead to a shock hazard in watery conditions.

Don’t wait for a flood to impact you financially and emotionally – be sure you are properly protected with a sump pump. Small, relatively inexpensive, and quickly installed with the help of a professional, they’re more than worth the peace of mind they offer. After reading sump pump reviews and consulting drainage professionals about your needs and concerns, you’re ready to select a company to help you install your new sump pump – Dr. Pipe drain and plumbing is a great place to trust with your work.

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