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Trenchles drain repair. Pipe Burst by TorpedoFor the past few decades, a homeowner hearing that their water line needs to be replaced was one of the worst pieces of news to bear. After all, the main line is the source of not only a fresh supply of water to the home; it is what carries away gray water and waste to be cycled through the treatment plant.

The repair or replacement of this crucial pipe usually required digging up most of the yard to reach the trench where the line was situated, removing all the damaged components and then replacing them with a replacement pipe – not exactly a labor-friendly task.

Most homeowners could forget about curb appeal after they had their water line replaced. This was because gardens, sidewalks, and other landscape were mashed into mounds of dirt – all on the property owner’s dime as well. Luckily, modern technology has made these nightmares outdated and trenchless replacement methods have turned water line replacement into a non-invasive, one-afternoon job.

Trenchless water line replacement

Part of that new technology includes replacing deep set, damaged pipelines without excessive digging on the property. This not only keeps the yard intact, it also limits the risk of hitting underground gas, electrical, and phone lines.

The no dig method involves an almost ‘inside-out- approach to installing the new line. What this basically entails is feeding a new, undamaged piece of pipe into the old one, and then into the water main where it enters your home. This new piece of pipe is pulled into place with the use of heavy hydraulics. Once the new line has been properly situated, the old pipe is shattered with a bursting cone that fragments it as the new line replaces the old one.

Besides an entry point for the pipe and an exit point for the hydraulics to pull the pipe through, there is minimal digging involved. This process is fast, convenient, and is much more affordable due to less labor involved. Customers no longer have to look at a damaged water line as a financially crippling repair and instead can have the fixes done in a matter of a couple hours. The trenchless technologies also work in the case of sewer line replacement as well.

While there are still many needs for a shovel, thanks to the trenchless technology, those resources can be better focused on a garden or planting azaleas. If you want help with your situation, the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services have decades of experience and know when to step up.

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