Wet Basement

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wet basement exampleOne of the most exasperating problems that a home owner might face is the occurrence of leaky basements in their homes. Apart from being exasperated, the issue is also very complex. In majority of the cases, basement can start leaking all of a sudden. The nature of this issue is very severe; and it is recommended that this issue should be detected and fixed, as soon as possible. The leaky basement not only affects the beauty of the home, but it also can cause a huge damage. If any wetness, moistness or mustiness is found over the floor, then it indicates that you have a leaky basement in your home. The delays in detection and fixing may result in severe damages like the growth of substances over the floor, the damage of floor surface and so on.

The most common causes of the leaky basements can be divided into three broad categories, which are given below:

  • Failure or absence of drainage system,
  • Appearance of cracks or gaps in the walls of basement,
  • The ground water is not properly controlled.

These above are the three broad causes of leaky basements. Many minor problems do exist under these broad categories. The most general solutions to these problems have been defined below:

  1. Failure or Absence of Drainage System: The proper installation of a drainage system is very vital for any house, in order to prevent it from leaky basements. Proper drain channels should be created under the basement floor and the walls, which will not allow the water to stand. The drainage system also includes motors like sump pump that may expel the water outside.
  2. Appearance of Crack and Gaps in the Walls of Basement: Many times it has been observed that the cracks appear over the walls or the basement floor. Also, the occurrence of gaps between the wall and the floor is a common case. This issue can be fixed by using filler kits, which are commonly available. These gaps or cracks should be properly sealed by making use of the proper substance like concrete. If these are not sealed, then it is expected that the surface ground water may get in and cause the leaky basement.
  3. Failure in Controlling the Ground Water: One of the most important preventive measures that can be taken is to control the ground water. You can take many steps in order to avoid the ground water standing around your house. Channels or gutters can be developed so that water may flow away. Also, plantation may be done so that most of the water is used by the plants.

The above  are the most common causes of wet basements in Toronto. However, there are many other reasons why your basement my leak. Just like with a decease it is hard to diagnose condition without through check and being a professional. That is at the first signs of a wet basement you should call Dr.Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services, we will diagnose your problem correctly, provide you an estimate and deal with the problem fast.

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