What Is a Sump System?

So you have heard that your house might need a sump system, and you are scared about what that means.  Don’t fret, it isn’t as bad as it sounds.  It means that your house, like many out there, has a penchant for collecting water and there needs to be some semblance of draining it away from the house so it doesn’t just reappear again.  A simple sump system is nothing more than a pump to draw that water away from your house to keep it safe.

Water collects beneath your house, and a catacomb of drain systems brings that water to the tank that is buried beneath the lowest portion of your basement floor.  When enough water collects, your sump pump clicks on and this is when the magic begins to happen.  The pump begins to draw the water out of the tank and through a hose.  This hose brings all of that excess water away from your house, usually to your sewer system.  A little while later, your house is water free and the process begins again.

If your home is in the basin of a valley, or even down the side of an inclined hill, a sump pump is going to be a necessity.  It guarantees that during a heavy rain, your water heater and anything you store downstairs is going to be safe.  That piece of mind alone is going to make the arduous installation of such a large system seem like a dream in comparison.  Consider what would happen during a hurricane if you didn’t have a sump pump!  The results might be negligible, but there is also the potential that you could open your basement door and see that you now have a brand new indoor swimming pool, filled with sewer water.

So you now know what sump systems are, and you are fairly certain you need one?  This is where you must call in the pros to handle the installation, as there are state guidelines that dictate how you dispense of your sump pump’s removed water.  Call Dr. Pipe Drain & Plumbing Services and talk to one of their trained phone advisers about the next step.  Now that you know all about sump systems, you won’t even feel like they are talking a foreign language!

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