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 Basement With Water DamageMany homes with a basement have water problems. However, oftentimes there are serious issues that present themselves before you ever realize that you have water damage. Thankfully you can identify signs of water damage yourself, which can prompt you to call the professionals to deal with the matter. These are some signs that you should be aware of as far as water damage is concerned.

You have wet walls

If your basement has wet walls, it may be a sign that the moisture is starting to seep in from the surrounding soil or that the pipes in the walls are leaking. You may notice that paint on the walls becomes discolored or begins to peel.

Mold, mildew, and rot

All three of these are clear signs of water problems in a basement. You may notice a musty, damp odor in the basement because of the moisture. You can also check any wooden beams, paneling, or furniture in your basement to see if there is any rotting. You want to get these fixed as soon as possible, because there is a potential for long-term structural problems,

Water lines, stains, or rust marks

These are clear signs of water damage in your basement. You can notice them around the base of your standing appliances or your walls.


If you want to be able to identify signs of water damage, you need to pay close attention to warped doors, wallboard, or paneling. This may be because of added moisture. Make sure to inspect your walls for bowing or cracks and act before you need additional basement repair.

White, powdery residue

If you notice that your masonry block or concrete foundation has a chalky white deposit, this is another issue with moisture. The official name is efflorescence and it happens when the water enters into the concrete and begins to dissolve the minerals inside of the material. Even though it is not dangerous, it could be a clear sign of water coming into your basement.

Call the professionals

If you notice that you have signs of water damage, just completing a basic basement repair is not going to help. Sure, you could paint over the concerns, but if you do not address the underlying problems, you are still going to have the same problems as before. This is why you need a professional consultation to identify the problem.

That is why it is important that you call licensed, experienced professionals who can identify and deal with the underlying issues. Do not merely address the visible result, but attack the underlying cause. Call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing to find the underlying cause of your basement issues and ensure that water damage is dealt with once and for all.

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