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Why Waterproofing is So VitalMold, water damage, flooding: That is just the beginning if you do not implement measures to waterproof your basement space or foundation. The latter three mentioned issues are the top cause for damage to property and homes in Canada, surpassing even the likes of fire. The water damage, mold and flooding are issues homes can face all year long too. If dealing with a new construction, a homeowner can monitor every stage to ensure everything goes right so there is little issue in the future when it comes to the home’s structural integrity.

At first, the initial expense of waterproofing might be off-putting: A homeowner might not be so willing to pay the cost for the process. Yet, if you were to compare the cost of waterproofing with the significant costs you would pay if you were to end up with mold, water damage, or flooding, you would see that the waterproofing option is definitely your best bet. Waterproofing is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

It’s Imperative That You Waterproof the Interior of the Building

Waterproofing the building’s interior is essential: This is because as the building is constructed the inside of the structure will remain open and exposed to the various elements – primarily wind and rain. Water can easily damage insulation, floors, wiring, frames, and the building’s foundation. If the materials you are using to build the structure a primarily steel and concrete the need for waterproofing is less of a demand, but still a wise investment. While steel rusts and extensive water exposure damages concrete, the real problem lies in the materials in the building that are made of wood. When wood is wet for extended periods it can warp, rot, and it becomes the perfect environment for mold growth.

You can avoid any issues by waterproofing while you are constructing. You will benefit from protecting your investment from the start, and your materials will remain in pristine condition. Waterproofing can also help in preventing the need for material replacements or costly building delays, while at the same time, it can prevent you from facing any costly repairs.

Waterproofing Saves Cash Over the Long Term…

Before you panic from seeing the initial pricing of a waterproofing project, stop and look at the cost as an investment over the long term. You have to remember waterproofing is no luxury and helps you protect your investment both in the immediate and distant future. It is true that waterproofing may not be kind to your budget today, but the money you end of saving from taking just an ounce of prevention is well worth the purchase of waterproofing services now.

Waterproofing Keeps Your Basement Area Flood Free

Ever enter into a basement that smells musty and like mildew? Did you feel the damp, cold air? Could you see all the damage prior flooding had done to the concrete? The most vulnerable area of your home when it comes to flooding is the basement. Water that is in the soil can move through fissures and cracks in the foundation of the home, and flooding can happen with as little as a single rainfall, never mind what happens if you have a significant winter thaw! During the winter season, all the moisture in the freezes and it therefore causes the creation of more cracks due to the force brought about by the expansion of frozen water. Over the course of time, flooding can destroy your entire foundation. All of the latter damaging scenarios are avoidable if you opt for waterproofing during the initial construction.

Waterproofing makes your home a comfortable place…

When you opt to waterproof the home, you can seal off cracks and this will minimize the entrance of moisture and water. You want to keep as much moisture out of the home while still allowing the home to have some permeability so accumulating humidity within the home can easily escape the structure. Achieving this delicate balance is best achieved during the initial design stages of the home and will prove less costly. Make sure to call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services if you want the best possible waterproofing option.

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