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tube trabMost of the clogs that form in the bathroom come from the tub trap. A clogged bathtub can really be a hassle, because it is going to prevent you from fully enjoying yourself in the bathroom. Even though there are various types of tub traps, tub trap cleaning is still important, regardless of the type that you may have. Because of the continued use of your bathroom, these tub traps are subject to clogs and debris buildup. However, with the right cleaning procedure you do not have to worry about that anymore.

The different types

The most common type of tub trap is the bottle trap. You can find these in both sinks and bathtubs. Another type of tub trap that you will see quite often is the P-trap, made from steel, brass, or PVC. The last one that you may encounter is the S-trap, which is made from PVC, steel, brass, or copper.

Cleaning is not that difficult to do yourself

Even though it may sound challenging, tub trap cleaning is not that difficult. You can actually do it yourself. Before you ever start cleaning, you want to use a pipe or something similar to clear hair clogs and soap residue from your drain. Using hot water can help remove some of the existing blockages that you might have.

After the initial clean, you want to find the trap cleanout. Oftentimes this is near the bathtub. Remove the cap from the cleanout and put a bucket underneath. This is done so debris and clogs can run into the bucket rather than onto the floor. It can be difficult to remove the cap if you have not done so in a while. Using a wrench or hammer can help in that situation.

Replacing your tub traps

If you have an old-fashioned trap, you may need to use an auger in order to remove any clogs. An old-fashioned trap can be quite a challenge to open. You can use lubricating oil to penetrate it if the trap is difficult to open. However, sometimes tub trap replacement is needed. Especially if the traps become old and damaged. You may want to replace your tub trap with a new one if that is the case. You can leave tub trap replacement to the professionals.

Calling the professionals

If you are not very handy or just do not have the time to perform your own maintenance, you can always rely on the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing to help you. Make sure that you call today for an appointment, because our certified plumbing professionals will be more than happy to help you.

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