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Weeping TileIf you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you may have heard about the benefits of a weeping tile installation before. However, what is a weeping tile and why would you even want it? Over the last few decades, the installation of weeping tile has been done to make sure that you drain water that otherwise pools around the base of the foundation of your home.

The original name of the weeping tile is because it consisted of terra cotta clay pipe. The water would ‘weep’ into the pipes, and the water would be drained away.

Why you need a weeping tile

With especially heavy rainfall or after a long winter season, you are going to have a great deal of water near the base of your foundation. If you do not have the option to drain water, it accumulates or it pools around your foundation. This means that your foundation is constantly emerged in a puddle of water. This is going to lead to issues with the foundation, because cinderblock and concrete are rather porous. This means that water is going to flow into it rather easily.

This is not an issue that will turn your home is a decrepit house right away, but it is a problem that takes years to develop. As the years go by, the foundation becomes increasingly unstable and weakened. As the mortar and concrete soften, your foundation walls become damaged and will gradually weaken.

Do I really need a brand-new installation?

If you want to enhance footing drainage, a brand-new weeping tile installation is certainly going to add to that. However, some who complete a weeping tile installation in Toronto are throwing away their money. This is not because of the weeping tile, but it is because they were dealing with another problem entirely. This is why it is important to have licensed professionals standing by who can tell you what the problem is, so you know you are actively resolving the right issue.

Getting it done right

Even though a quality installation is going to give you a great deal of benefits, a poor weeping tile installation in Toronto is going to ensure that you have serious issues down the road. This is why you want the professionals to handle the installation for you, to ensure that you have no problems with your foundation later on. If you want fast, professional installation, the licensed professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing are able to offer just that.

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